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STEM Education

Unlock your potential with STEM!

With a passion for STEM education, science teacher and PhD student Nick Zorn has created this site that serves as a repository of resources for students and educators, along with other STEM-related interests. This site contains a wealth of information that Nick has personally crafted, including engaging experiments, informative lectures, and detailed demonstrations. By sharing his knowledge and expertise, Nick hopes to inspire and empower others to pursue their own interests in STEM education. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or simply a curious learner, there’s something for everyone here.

Model showing atomic structure of carbon atom


A collection of resources and videos related to Chemistry It includes a wide range of materials, from introductory concepts to advanced topics, all designed to enhance learning and understanding.


A diverse set of materials ranging from fundamental concepts to complex subjects are compiled in the collection of resources and videos that pertains to Physics. The main objective of this collection is to aid in the improvement of learning and comprehension. It consists of a vast array of resources that cater to both novice and advanced learners.


These pages showcase my technology and engineering-related interests and feature a collection of projects that I have personally completed.

Nick Zorn’s dedication to science education is evident in his mission to expand opportunities for underrepresented demographics. He is a highly qualified educator endorsed by the Illinois Department of Education to teach Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. Currently teaching in a low-income, diverse district, Nick strives to provide access to resources and support for all students.

As a PhD candidate in instructional technology, Nick researches innovative teaching strategies that foster technology adoption, ultimately leading to improved student achievement. He aims to make a positive impact on science education, particularly for historically marginalized students.

His work inspiring the next generation of scientists would not be possible without support from the STEM community. You can support his work through any of these sites:

“The important thing is to never stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein